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The Pro Hand Held APL Specifications Section

The Pro Hand Held APL is a three program phototherapy lamp that delivers:

  • drug-free acne treatments
  • Blue-only option which can be used to supplement medical acne treatments
  • popular red-light Skin restoration (Anti-aging) treatments

The Pro Hand Held APL delivers high intensity, pulsed light similar in output to many medical lasers. Unlike lasers there is no potential for burns or hair follicle damage.

The flyer shows views in use and optical wavelengths, output and time details.

The Treatment Recommendations page summarizes the uses of the Pro Hand Held APL for Acne and anti-aging treatments in medical and non-medical practices.

Also see the treatment recommendations for use of the full-face Pro1000.

The Energy Terms page explains commonly used terms in this field so that you may compare different manufacturer claims better.

The Light is Energy page explains what wavelength means in relation to the colors that we perceive with our eyes.


Levulan™ is a trade marked product description of Dusa Pharmaceuticals for aminolevulonic acid.